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Human is the best asset of organization. At DCV, we respect the contribution of people to the success in spite of who they are, what their positions are.

We bring to all members of DCV a dynamic environment where each staff has oppotunity to work, practise towards success in the job as well as improve personality.

We record and reward all efforts despite the smallest. We bring various and suitable solutions in a system to help people mature and build their career at DCV. All solutions are developed and linked closely base on the vision of organization and DCV culture.


Training and developing resource is top priority of company

The training aim is to enhance knowledge, level and skills for staffs to meet developing demands of DCV.

Training forms: Extracurricular courses, the efforts of the staffs. The training plan of company will be built according to annual trading strategy.

Rotate the resource to train with real jobs.

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  • Manage employees bases on law and rules, regime and policies of company
  • Build healthy labouring relation bases on the develop of association and business culture.
  • Control personnel from venue unit closely.
  • Describe the works, responsibilities and authorities with each position.
  • At DCV, promotion oppotunities are always equal with everypeople. They are regulated by using personnel plan with a obvious process.
  • Routine assessing result each 3 months and determine the woking aim, the career development of each person as well as detect the positive factors to promote or change personnel agreeably.
  • Recruit internal staff  to managing position is the top priority at DCV.

Treatment policy

  • The company aim is to help employees work safely, stick in long term. So, we always care to treatment policy and improve constantly. At DCV, the employees gain salary and bonus under specific procedures.
  • Annual adjusting salary bases on job effection. The cases have highlights achievements.
  • Sure competitive income and proportionable with the same companies in each period.
  • Salary include basic salary and allowances depending on the effort, responsibility and effection.
  • Teams and individuals gain excellent achievements will be honor timely.
  • Bonus mode bases on trading result.
  • Unexpected bonus depends on achievements of each individual or team.

Welfare policy

  • All official members are sured the right by Viet Nam Labor Law.
  • Support Social Insurance, Health Insurance and Unemployment Insurance.
  • Vacation, teambuilding each 3 months.
  • Subsidize the difficult cases, specially sick, hospitalization, maternity, retirement, dead lift, …
  • Now, the company is researching some insurance mode for employees.
Culture – Working environment

Always unite to overcome challenges

Be always respect, hear and consider the advances of customers, partners, shareholders are ownbenefit. Always innovate, seize the oppotunity to succeed.

Working condition: Provide neccesary equipments to each staff.

Working environment: Survey the contentment of personnel to shift managing approach.

DCV always remains easy-going atmosphere in working time. The activities are usually organized such as sport tournaments, performances, birthdays of staffs, festivals of country or company, social actions.

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