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Human is the most important in every activity. Since establishment, DCV has remarked that human is the most precious asset, the top of important factor for stable development, specially in the strongly international period like now.

In the global economy, DCV knows that businesses not only compete loan, technology, materia, asset,… but also challenge culture business. So, in the first day, Board of Direct always takes care and develops notion and category “DCV Culture”.

Each member of DCV will get the foundation for DCV culture. DCV culture is not only surface movement but also underlying with strong spreading. And DCV culture value is worthless assets that we use to build company tradition.

From that awareness, DCV had the professional strategies to build, train and manage the staffs to make a coherent whole. DCV extremely concentrates on building working environment, income and reward policies as well as recruiting and training employees. Additionally, DCV issues specific policies to encourate contribution of each person.

With reasonable policies, DCV always has the talents in culture activities. The company usually organizes the programs with high culture to enhance the solidarity among the staffs.

Now, the company regularly holds:

Some DCV’culture activities

Some DCV’culture activities


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