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Customer care service is the most neccesary that businesses must take to meet demand and hope of users. Say in different way, we need serve them by the way they desire and take essential missions to retain users.


  1. Inbound servic: We receive the calls from customers to care, support and provide information.
  • Customer service (Care and question box center)

You have various customers but no condition to answer their ask? Let us help you. We have efficient the number of phone, much experience and a morden central system to help you.

Service packages contains:

+ Lease special number, free for callers (1800-xxxxx) (choose yes or no)

+The telephone operators receive the calls and support customers 24/24

  • Technical support (Remote technical support center)

You are headche due to many customers need technical support. Transfer technology to us so that professional telephonists help you care and assit users better.

  1. Outbound service: Call to potential objects to care or survey market
  • Telesales (Find customers and sell)

Annual service to call each customer to introduce services, products as an available script. Telesales also uses in campains to take products into market and expand distribution network.

  • Event Broadcasting (Broadcast campains, events)

Use telephone to broadcast quickly events to objects: discount, sales, conference, exhibition (call to introduce, reserve,…)

  • Customer care/ Telephone survey (probe and care customer actively)

Take remarketing by calling to available customers file to care, build relation or introduce new products, preferential campain. The purpose is to probe, get customers feedbacks and increase sales.


  •  Morden technologies
  •  Quick application
  •  Strong develop
  • Tool and software supporting


– Reduce cost overrun

– Help business focus on core trading activities

– Enhance satisfaction of customers

– Broadcast company image

– Enhance competitive advantage

– Quick return the investment

At DCV, we hope that your business will be experienced best services with appropriate cost and success.


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