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Email marketing is a trading form basing on sending email to objects to find potential customers or provide information as sales, advert,… of services. Say in different way, email marketing is a marketing form by email.

Advantages only have at DCV

– Multi-data

Database of DCV is chosen through a lot of processes. It makes sure that the objects are right.

– Sercurity

SMTP Server works with high sercurity to ensure the safety for customers.

– Simple – Flexible – Fast

Email marketing system of DCV is always run with above mottos. It helps you send 1 million mails/day with your mobile phone.

– High inbox rate

Email marketing system uses SMPT Server having the high prestige with ISPs such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft,… to meet demand of customers

– Experience in Email Marketing

DCV was established by Email marketing experts and SMTP Server in Viet Nam.


      1. Customer data (available or search by software)
      2. Send email through software or provider. You can send about 500 mails each day.
      3. Hot title to attact customers
      4. Email content

It’s the most important part. You should design with HTML template because it’s more professional than text content. HTML form is always appreciated and inbox rate gains over 98 percent.

      1. Time to send email: 8:00AM or 3:00 to 4:00 PM for the highest effect.

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