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With us, data entry is not simply retype the letters. For most businesses, the data is clean, helpful, digitized for easy access and storage is an important factor, vital. However, data entry and data processing to spend more time and effort.

The solution can be set out to build a team of data entry and data processing separately but is accompanied by a multitude of work and other costs incurred such as staff management, training, construction processes, quality control, cost of equipment, stationery … Instead, you can save time and effort to focus on building and running an Exchange business development with measures “out-source” with data entry services and data processing of the Corporation Vietnam data Communication.

With a staff of my professional can meet all requirements for multilingual input in the shortest possible time. All the entries will be our data security to ensure the interests of customers.

Enter data with DCV not merely typing the characters in the defined areas: by applying the appropriate input method combined with strict quality control, we are committed to the primary level the highest determination of data entry and data conversion.

Input method is our combination of methods of entry and inspection, double data entry or using character recognition software most advanced

With this method, we are proud to confirm that we can achieve the fastest processing speed and accuracy levels to 99.99% for the commercial materials are processed.


1. Offline

From paper documents such as forms, magazines, catalogs, dictionaries, advertisements, correspondence, documents, … of customers, experts DCV enter into electronic data.

2. Input method:

Depending on what is required, the developer will build the program input in one of two input methods:

3. Enter the independent twice:

Through the program, the data is entered twice independently by two technicians who handle different data. The program automatically compares the two results data to filter out differences. The rate was highest in two different steps is only 7%. The third technician will inspect 100% different data and edit data completely accurate than the original document.

4. Enter one time and check the error:

Technicians DCV document import content into the database through a program built specifically. From this program, The second technician will test and compared with 100% of the content data has been entered for the original document to correct the error.

5. Check the data:
Data from two above methods will be tested on a random between 5% – 12% by quality control experts. Data after this stage will pass accuracy is 99.99%. Quality assurance department is responsible for checking all data processing steps from building programs to enter data and control to ensure processes comply with ISO 9001: 2000.

6. Export and Transfer of data:

Final data are rendered into the file format such as .txt, .doc, .rtf or .pdf, html, xml … depending on customer requirements. DCV will transfer the file containing the data in the form of CD, DVD, upload them to FTP Server, or upload to website. At the same time, DCV also repaid paper documents to customers with digitized images.

7. Online

In this service, DCV’s professionals direct entry to your website or online data base of customers through Internet connection or VPN. With a dedicated team specifically trained for each project, DCV completely confident when giving customers the accuracy and speed.

These documents often use this service: catalogs, business cards, library cards, customer records, account information …


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