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Digital Content is concept mentioned more in boom times information and digital content is one of fields that DCV focuses on. DCV always tries to bring customer Digital Content Services with high quality and real value.


  1. Digital content helps increase the brand identity

A brand wants to succeed must use Digital content. With that service, the customer will know products and images belong to the business. By describing your products and services in the detail and being appeared on Mass Media, your brand will be known to leap to fame.

  1. Digital content helps the business approach potential customer better

When each product and service of any enterprise is launched on the market, they will target to diffirent potential customers. Using Digital content helps the business attract these objects. However, the customers are various and we can’t be sedentary and send message to each person. Digital content service will helps the business do many things seemingly difficult with low cost.

  1. Establish community and remain business strength

Community is the element making power and decide to successes or failures of digital content. If the business has a good digital content service, that community will grow and develop. Then, the business can sell not only core products but also involve things.

In contrast, if  businesses haven’t community, they are depended on the companies having community to sell content. In that situation, if they didn’t have good products, they wouldn’t exist. This tendency will reduce the number of digital content company on the market.


– Relation

– Community

– Communication

– News

– Personal and media

– Information (Search/Wiki)

– Entertainment (Game/Multimedia)

– Niche contet

– System/Applications

– Business Tools

– Local/Positioning

– Authoring


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