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Business foundation is always strong staffs having ability and suitability with company jobs. So how to set up a pro-team? Recruitment is the way to bring to company best candidates.

At DCV, we always find and choose people meeting demand of recruitment position and long-term goal of your business.


– Enhance working effect, enterprise fame because  recruitment affects directly to business resource quality.

– Save training cost when we found elite candidates

– Recruit people having passion with jobs and becoming fond of company in long time. Besides, we suggest avoiding finding new staffs continuously because they need time to acquaint with colleagues and business culture.

– We suppose that recruiting new officers is action bringing new blood into your company. It makes more and more ideas for your business.

– The experts estimate that one fail recruitment makes company suffer that staff income from 3 to 6 months. Thus, successful recruitment save considerable cost for business.


  1. Recruitment preparation

This is important step to find appropriate candidate. The recruiters need take smallest things such as: Plan how long recruiting plan occurs, what requirements are, what type of contents are used?

  1. Recruitment Announcement

Now, annoucing recruitment is no difficult. The recruiters only write a detail notification about company requests, right and post on mass media. Through those annoucements, candidates consider to apply.

  1. Receive and select file

When a job is posted, recruiter will receive candidate files. However, not all files are suitable, besides, many people send without considering. So, we must select files carefully. Selecting files as well as preliminary interview need to choose the most appropriate candidates and plan interview. This help recruiters save much time in recruitment process.

  1. Preliminary Interview

After receiving and selecting files, the next step is to schedule interview with chose candidates. This step will help recruiter clear up information and filter ineligible individuals.

  1. Test, multiple-choice

This step is to evaluate real ability such as IQ test, logic, foreign language, qualification.

  1. Selection interview

This round is to consider candidates in different aspects such as level, solving problem ability. Besides, recruiter should prepare the questions to understand about character and quality of candidates to be suitable with company. If recruiters make decision on choosing candidates, they will ask them about salary and show company mode to them so that candidates know and decide to work or not.

  1. Trial period

Although candidates have been recruited, they must overcome challengen period, trial period. It’t time to do real works, show their talent and qualification. Then the recruiters make the last decision.

  1. Recruitment Decision

After trial time, the recruiters will be chosen the most appropriate individuals and reject candidates not suitable. The last step is to contract, answer the questions about company mode.

Recruitment process isn’t complex but recruiters need to prepare carefully to avoid mistake and choose good candidates.


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