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The reality of your website

– Too low: Access speed low and unstable

– Empty: Poor content and no update

– Difficult to search: Can’t search through relative keywords

– Old: Links are breaken

– Embarrssing!!! Error images display because of uploading size mistakes.

Customers feedbacks

– Affect frequency of our website

– How many enjoining customers in our website?

– Popular contents?

– Backup process is safe, isn’t it? However, our hostings face some problem. did our website restore  data?

– Frequency safety of our website in front of hacker attacking.

To manage website and take all jobs, customers need a managing team such as:

– One IT officer has technical knowledge about website management to update website content, maintain and backup website.

– One graphic desiner to create banners, illustrative images, post layout.

– One marketer to optimize website on search tools, website adverting.

If the customers do that works by themself

– Need 15 to 20 million VND per month to remain that team. 5-6 million VND per month for one person.

– Need time to train for the staffs

– Need much working place

– Solve the problems including personnel, mode, insurance,…

Website service at DCV

DCV provides Website service with good skills officers:

– Have intensive knowledge in running and managing website, hosting; designing and marketing.

– The staffs ensure that the works are run in all situations such as: unexpected unyoke, sick, leave,…

Customers get:

– Save 200 percent officer cost

– Increase website speed

– New and attractive content

– Increase traffic

– Sercurity and data safety

Price List (Website service at DCV)

Service package WebCare #1 WebCare #2 WebCare #3
Price 1.500.000 VND/month 2.500.000 VND/month 4.000.000 VND/month
Website Content Management
Update content which business provides (change Introduction information, contact, policy,…) 10 times/month 15 times/month 20 times/month
Update product and service information to website 30 products/month 40 products/month 50 product/month
Design banner (one banner doesnn’t more 3 times) 3 banners/month 5 banners/month 7 banners/month
Website Technique Management
Manage, maintain, run and solve website problems
Backup lost data on website
Scan and detect shells, scripts, spam, virus (with service using hosting server at DCV)
Solve hosting, domain problems (If your website was on other datacenters, DCV would only have responsibility to notify for customers about solutions.)
Remind customers extend domain and hosting service annual to avoid interrupting due to expire.
Báo cáo số lượng truy cập website 1 tuần/1 lần 1 tuần/1 lần 1 tuần/1 lần
Report taken jobs 1 tuần/1 lần 1 tuần/1 lần 1 tuần/1 lần
Optimize website (Only for customers designing website at DCV)
Optimize posts friendly with Google
Analyse traffic through Google Analytics
Register business information on Google Maps
Create sitemap.xml
Analyse doubling contents
Check links to website
Optimize meta robot
Create error 404 page
Optimize website images
Other Service
Design website on mobile Contact:


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