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DCV JSC was founded in 2013 with the purpose and  principle is to build a class style of service, more and more meet the needs of customers with shorter time and efficiency more advanced. DCV provides the professional services such as IT Outsource, Digital Content, Digital Marketing, BPO,… with special business culture.

We started up with only 5 people and ultil now the number of staffs constantly increase, estimate 200 people to 2017. With the running services, DCV always tries to have new products to meet demands of customers as well as become a prosperous, dynamic and modern organization by effort in researching, creatively applying technologies to make added values for life.

It is a great honour for DCV to gain SAO KHUE ADWARD with IT Outsource Service in 2016.

SAO KHUE ADWARD is hold by VINASA from 2013 with the aim to respect and display the enterprises, agencies, team and individuals having excellent contribute for the develop of Viet Nam Software Industry and Information Technology. SAO KHUE title is the proof for the efforts  of DCV during 2015.

Besides, DCV is honoured to be in TOP 50 HEADING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES 2016 in Viet Nam. It will certainly make an obvious advance in DCV development.


  • Our mission is to shorten the distance between people and global information, meet all demands of life of every person, everywhere, every work.
  • DCV orients to become a Media Technique and Online Advert Business basing on  combining knowledge strength, community solidarity and technology in a new level. With compact mechanism, powerful financial capacity and stable trade come with the managing approach applying Information Technology, DCV confirms the position in Software Field, Media and Online Advert.
  • DCV Company will deloy all supporting services, business solutions and  digital marketing on the internet in Viet Nam and area. That helps the enterprises exploit maximum power of IT, Digital Media and Internet in business developing. Additionally, we continuously expand and promote the media projects to build a growth enterprise.


  • Become Viet Nam biggest company in IT Outsource
  • Become a developer providing the top of applications on mobile
  • Focus on the big cities and continue to expect to the strategic place.
  • Contribute to Viet Nam IT Market by taking IT into every ways of life.
  • Raise the turnover regularly and refer to goal customer segmentation.
  • HR development.


  • Have good people for project immediately
  • Flexility – Complete or delay the project can stop employing.
  • Save maximum time cost, effort and paced business.
  • No administration managing; don’t invest in system, tools, processes.
  • Concentrate on trading, giving the needs and checking the results.
  • Scale up team flexibly, team 1-3 or team 100-300 in the shortest time.
  • Free advice by DCV Managers for Technology Project.


  • Meet quickly and effectively all demands of customers.
  • Always ensure services running in smooth.
  • Ensure providing suitable cost and highly competitive services. Always care to training policy to make sure of specifity.

The number of staffs constantly increase, estimate 200 people to 2017


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